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Welcome to Aromatherapy 4 Moms where Moms share in the wisdom and freedom of natural living with a 5000-year-old wellness secret: Aromatherapy!

Aromatherapy 4 Moms Moms possess ...
  • the power to touch
  • the power to comfort
  • the power to change lives

Aromatherapy 4 Moms is written with love from the heart - by moms for moms - and dads. We know the tribulations, sorrows and heartbreaks as well as joys of raising kids, caring for a family, protecting our loved ones, and creating a secure and healthy environment where the children and our partner can learn and grow.

  1. At Aromatherapy 4 Moms you'll find a simple and effective way to keep your family happy and well, even during the flu seasons when everyone else seems to come down with a cold. Diffuse Essential Oils

  2. Only at Aromatherapy 4 Moms you'll find the report: Preparing for the Inevitable - Protecting Your Family Against Lethal Infectious Disease - An Open Letter to Parents

  3. Understand why your children have learning disabilities. ADD, ADHD and Autism - A Neurologically Based Developmental Disorder

  4. Read the controversy of Fluoride at Aromatherapy 4 Moms. FLUORIDE - Making Toothpaste a Toxic Drug

  5. How often do you look at your children or grandchildren and realize that they are struggling to think, to study, remember, to comprehend? Aromatherapy 4 Moms discovered the answer for your school kids: Brain Power

  6. Caring for the family is knowing what health benefits and health risks certain foods offer. Aromatherapy 4 Moms alerts you to 108 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health!

  7. Only at Aromatherapy 4 Moms you'll get WARNING: The Danger of Essential Oils - Beware!

  8. Are you searching for gentle, safe and effective all-natural products made especially for your child ... bath gel, hair shampoo, toothpaste ... fun, non-toxic products? Aromatherapy 4 Moms uses only Safe, Non-Toxic, All-Natural KidScents™!

  9. Did you know: EPA Declares Teflon™ Carcinogenic! Discover the healthy alternative: German crafted Titanium Cookware - an investment for life!

  10. How To Disease Proof Your Home - Get the Ultimate Home Health Care Defense Against Infectious Disease!

  11. First Aid at its best: 112 Life-Changing Ways using only 7 Things from your First Aid Box

  12. Aromatherapy 4 Moms presents Nature's Health Insurance Program

  13. Aromatherapy 4 Moms unique House Cleaning with Essential Oils tips help transform your home. You'll never want to use hazardous chemicals for cleaning ever again!

  14. The shocking news every parent needs to know: Immunization versus Vaccination. The latest figures released show that VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) has paid out more than $1.2 billion to parents of children damaged or killed by vaccines.

  15. Aromatherapy 4 Moms recommends: Keeping your pets happy! See our Veterinary Medicine.

  16. We at Aromatherapy 4 Moms love to cook! Learn to flavor and enhance food with life-changing essential oils your family will savor! Here are our Cooking Tips for you.

  17. Aromatherapy 4 Moms shares The Healthiest Snack for your school kids - and for moms. The World's #1 Antioxidant Juice for the whole family!

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Aromatherapy 4 Moms
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