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MLM Business Opportunity
Network Marketing

MLM business opportunity network marketing! Do you know how powerful the network marketing business model is? Contrary to what you may have heard about network marketing, or the bad experience that you may have had with a business opportunity, an MLM Network Marketing Business Opportunity is the ideal way for a stay-home mom to earn a comfortable living.

Paul Getty knew the network marketing concept when he said: "I'd rather earn 1% on the efforts of 100 people than 100% on my own efforts." He understood the power of business leverage. An MLM Business Opportunity wasn't too small for him, who was once the world's wealthiest man!

Isn't it Time YOU Joined the Network Marketing Revolution?

What is the secret that makes Network Marketing so lucrative? It's called business leverage - the network marketing ability to not only earn an income on your own efforts, but on the business effort of a network of other people as well.

Leverage your time, your money, your effort through network marketing. The MLM principle is simple:
  1. Refer others to your Business Opportunity. 10 people may get more business done than one.

  2. Network Marketing: Build a network of like minded people. Teach them to do the same.

  3. Create residual mlm income. The mlm check comes like clockwork - if you are on vacation or at home.

  4. Live a dignified life through network marketing. Earn your own living with your own business, without pressure, willing to help others, free.
How Do You Get Residual or Walk-Away MLM Income?

Residual or walk-away income is the ability to do the work once - that is, refer others to your business opportunity, invite them to consider your Network Marketing opportunity! - You network once, but you get paid each time the customer or a distributor places an order with the network marketing company. This allows you to walk away - so to speak - but still earn residual income on that person's order month after month, year after year.

This is what makes our business opportunity different from a job, owning a store, or operating a business.

Our innovated mlm pay plan provides the opportunity for you to earn significant business income quickly, plus creates the potential for substantial long-term income.

Here are 9 Ways to Make Money with Our MLM!
  1. Customer Profit: Get up to 24% mlm payout when customers order directly from the mlm company!

  2. Preferred Customer Performance Bonuses: A preferred customer is one who receives an order of at least $50 on a monthly autoship order.

    • Enroll 6 preferred customers in a calendar month and you can earn an additional $100 a month.

    • Help 2 of your distributors to do the same and earn an additional $200.

    • Help those two (2) do the same and earn an additional $500.

    • This is a total of $800 for the month in additional income over and above the Unilevel pay! Want to earn more? Simply repeat this process with new customers and new distributors.

  3. Personal Rebates: This bonus provides a rebate on your personal orders as well as additional profit on your preferred and retail customers. You can earn a 10% rebate on your months PV that exceeds 200.

  4. Star Performance Bonus: You can receive 25% commissions on the first month purchases of each new distributor you personally enroll and 15% commission on their 2nd consecutive month of purchases.

  5. Matching Bonuses: You can receive a 100% matching bonus on the Star Performance bonuses earned by your personally enrolled distributors their first 3 months.

  6. Unilevel Plan: You can earn 5% on the personal volume generated by those in your organization up to 5 levels deep.

  7. Silver Generation Bonuses: As you reach the rank of Silver, you can earn 3% on your organization's sales volume, down to but not including the next Silver or above. You can now earn 4% on up to 6 generations of those in your organization who reach the level of Silver or higher.

  8. Leadership Bonuses: When you reach the rank of Diamond or Crown Diamond, the highest level of achievement, you can earn special 1% leadership bonuses.

  9. Director Team Performance Bonuses: Add an extra $500 - $2,000 a month or more to your income! Here's how:

    • Be on a 100 PV autoship order. Your favorite products come to your home every month.

    • Build a team of six (6) personally sponsored first level distributors who are each on a 100 PV autoship order.

    • Have $1,000 in Personal Group Volume and

    • Help two (2) or more of your personally sponsored distributors to do the same and you can begin to position yourself to capitalize on our Director Team Performance Bonuses which can add $500 - $2,000 a month or more to your monthly income! (MLM Income statements are for demonstration purposes only. MLM income varies depending on a network marketer's efforts.)
Here are 3 Simple Steps to Maximize the Profitability of our MLM Pay Plan:

  1. Use the products and be on a $100 a month autoship order. (Automatically qualifies you for maximum bonuses!)

  2. Share the results and recommend the products to others.

  3. Find several people interested in making extra money, sponsor them, and teach them to do the same three things. It's that easy! Then, find several new people.
Why Do People Fail in Their Network Marketing - MLM - Business Opportunity?

The key of Network Marketing, the key of building a network of people and leveraging off the efforts of others to generate immediate and long-term income, is having a simple system that anyone can follow that creates duplication. And that's why our automated system is vital to your success.

Most people don't have a system. They would give anything to find such a system. YOU have an automated success system!
  • The key to network marketing success is having a duplicatable system!

  • The business system does ALL the presenting, selling and follow-up for you!

Would an extra $200, $300 $400 or more relieve some financial pressure or improve your lifestyle?

For most people, the answer is YES!

Did you know that a majority of bankruptcies could have been avoided if the person had an extra $200 a month in income?

In our company, people are earning hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars a month in part-time or full-time income.
"Over the past 7 years we've built a six figure a year income and NingXia Red Juice is enabling us to create tremendous excitement in the marketplace. Now, with the addition of this automated system, the most powerful online business building tool ever created, we can reach more people around the world faster and easier than ever before, and that means bigger incomes!

Most exciting, our automated system makes it possible for new people to launch their business and generate immediate and impressive results, regardless of their level of experience with a computer or knowledge of the Internet! If you can point and click, you've got it made! We expect our incomes to double thanks to the powerful combination of NingXia Red Juice and our automated system!" Doug Mills
Make an investment in your future and take advantage of this lucrative mlm business opportunity.
  • You don't have to work 40 years at a job or jobs you don't enjoy and struggle day to day, living paycheck to paycheck.

  • You don't have to be a slave to bills and financial pressure!

  • You don't have to resign yourself to living an average lifestyle!

  • And most importantly, you don't have to be a statistic at age 65, part of the 97% of the

    • broke
    • dependent on government assistance
    • family members or friends
    • having to work a part time job at minimum wage to make ends meet
With an automated system that will do ALL or the presenting, selling and follow-up for you, you hold the key to your Network Marketing, MLM, Business Opportunity success!

Put yourself on the road to financial freedom today!

Your Network Marketing, MLM, Business Opportunity Success System!

Please share your insights on mlm business opportunity network marketing: mlm business opportunity network marketing.

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