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Teaching Teen Moms

teaching teen moms
With teaching teen moms, here are a few answers to questions pregnant teens and young moms may have heavily weigh on their hearts.

Why am I pregnant? Why me?

There is an unfailing law guiding the universe and all in it, regardless if one is conscious of it or not. It's the Law of Cause and Effect. Whatever we do, we'll reap the reward. The more we give to life, the more we'll receive from life. The more love we give, the more love we'll receive.

It may not seem that way to you right now. You gave love, and all you see in return is trouble, blame, and hardship. Everyone may turn against you. You find yourself left alone. Gone are the friends. And the father-to-be may be gone too. You alone must bear the responsibility. What will you do?

What Would Love Do Now?

Before making a decision always ask first, and listen to your heart when you ask: "What Would Love Do Now?" Being pregnant, you know far more than all your friends in school or at work know: You have accepted the honor of being a mom, and certain powers are vested in you. After all, you will be giving birth and nurturing a human being. Heaven protects those who serve It.

Once the child is born, the cute little baby you see is actually a powerful Soul, covered in the sheath of a little body, helpless and looking to you for support. As Soul though, It is all knowing, all seeing, all powerful - a spark of God. We all are Soul in a human body - do we know it?

I did not want it!

Maybe you did not want to give yourself willingly to a man. Now you are stuck with a pregnancy. Hate, anger, disgust and helplessness may come over you in what may seem to you as a hopeless situation. But there is no such thing as a hopeless situation. Creativity is a divine gift that Soul possesses. Rather than let yourself fall in the dark pit of self pity and despair, consider your options.

There is a solution for every problem!

You are the master of your own life. Nobody, but nobody has the right to tell you what to do. Since you take the responsibility for every one of your actions yourself, you have the right to also make your own decisions! Stand up tall against those who want to force their will on you.

Often everyone else around you is running your life. The church raises the stiff finger and preaches: "sin - sin." The parents are crying: "What a shame, what a blame. What will the neighbors think." The boyfriend plants fear into you: "If you don't have that abortion, I'll never see you again."

But you, lean back and relax. Know that you are Soul, a divine spark. You are not alone. Dream your way out of this situation. Be creative. There is a solution for every problem.

What should you do?

Churches damn it. Anti-abortion activists rally. They do not know what I am going to tell you now. Soul enters the body and becomes a human not at its conception, but with its first breath - at the first cry when it steps into this world.

Consider your life as it is changing when you begin your motherhood. Now it is imperative that you take optimal care of your health. That means, eating healthy nutrition regularly. When you previously stuffed a burger down, now you have to select a healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, healthy bread and milk - after all, you owe it to your child. The baby will take all the resources it needs - that's nature's way to assure survival.

If you do not look after your own needs you may discover, that sooner or later a loss of calcium, for example, may see you heading to the dentist. Take good care of yourself. Eat healthy.

Do not strain yourself, either physically nor mentally. Keep a happy attitude toward life. That's the inheritance you'll give to your child. Although unconscious, the cells of the unborn will have your feelings and thoughts imprinted. Once born, the child is carrying your attitudes. Start teaching your babe the right art of living: being happy and grateful for life.

It should go without saying: Stay away from drugs. Alcohol, drugs and smoking will poison your unborn. YOU will be responsible for the adverse effects your child will have to go through. Imagine for a moment how you want your own child feel when it is your age. Hold this image in your thoughts and act accordingly.

You cannot blame anyone else but yourself when you don't teach your child the right values ... When you yourself don't live up to them. Teen mothers will know - much sooner than their peers - that smoking kills. Click here if you don't believe it.

The gift of life

Life is truly a gift to be cherished. Do all you can to protect life, that's your duty as a teen mom. Soul wants to return to life on earth, ready to grow and learn. Why are we here, you might ask. What could Soul possibly learn?

We are here to learn how to become love, and ultimately to become a co-worker with God. That is the only reason we are here on earth. Right now, you are a co-worker with God in birthing and parenting a healthy, happy child. You can and should look forward to it.

Preparing for a healthy birth

Don't miss an appointment at your healthcare provider. Ask the doctor all the questions you have about prenatal care. Ask which nutritional supplements he recommends for you. Ask when and where to attend a training to help you with breathing, labor and birthing techniques.

And ask a trusted person, maybe your mom, what you can do to deliver a healthy and happy child. She may tell you: Take time for yourself right now and nurture your spirit. Read a good book. Listen to beautiful music. Decorate your room with flowers and pictures that inspire you. Communicate only with people who are positive and uplift you.

Pamper your body. Take an aromatherapy bath and let your heart and mind play with the meadows, and your spirit soar with the eagles. Every day rub your belly with a good and pure (chemical-free) body lotion (Gentle Baby) to condition your skin to stretch. Be sure to do this, so you won't have the disappointment of stretch marks after birth. Use good shoes that support you. Now is not the time to play model.

But most of all, only think positive thoughts. Please, promise to try to always think positive thoughts. Do you know why? Because what you think, that will come to pass. If you think you are a poor and lost woman with no hope, you can be sure that the universe will rush to your aid and bring you poverty, loneliness and despair.

But if you think of being happy to be a teen mom; that everyone will admire you and congratulate you; that you will have all the support you need whenever you need it, this too will manifest. The universe fulfills any one of your requests - your feelings and thoughts. Be careful want you wish for!

Birthing and post partum depression

When it comes time for birth, have a little suitcase packed well in advance, ready to take it whenever you need it. There will be no time to pack when the ambulance comes. You need everything necessary to bring your baby home: diapers, baby's clothes, the baby blanket, etc.

You will be weak after giving birth and starting breast feeding. So make sure you have someone who cares for you when you come home from the hospital. They will cook for you a hearty soup and other things you like. You will need to drink a lot, so the milk starts flowing. Be aware: Breast feeding is the biggest gift you can give to your child.

Every mom is going through postpartum depression. About two days after birth, there sets in a heavy feeling. Tears are running without cause, and moms feel very vulnerable. This is normal. When you feel sadness approaching, breathe in a nose full of Joy, a pure and loving essential oil that will go directly to the memory center of your brain and start working out depression, giving you relief and a feeling of deep happiness and fulfilment.

Why should I breast feed?

The mother milk contains all the antibodies or immune molecules a newborn baby needs to be immune to illnesses and become strong and healthy. A baby formula can never replace the mother milk. In fact, formula-fed babies have higher rates of middle ear infection, pneumonia, stomach flu, urinary tract infection, etc. One study even found that a group of formula-fed babies had over $68,000 in health care costs for six months, compared to only $4,000 for the breastfed group.

Breast feeding improves the baby's brain function, reduces obesity, and helps the baby emotionally in bonding with the mother and feeling safe and secure. Babies have an intense need to be held and one of the most comforting things for a newborn is the physical act of nursing. Leaving a baby alone with a bottle is not emotionally satisfying to the child and does not make it feel secure.

Also, you will save a lot of time when breast feeding, time that you otherwise would spend with preparing the formula, sterilizing the bottle, cooling the bottle down to get the right temperature. Breast feeding also saves you the expense of buying formula, which typically costs at least $800 per year.

How to breast feed?

A good resource on how to breast feed is a two-part video: "Teen Breast Feeding: The Natural Choice" (Injoy Productions, 3970 Broadway, Suite #B-4, Boulder, CO 80304 USA; 800-326-2082). In the first part, you'll get convincing answers, why a pregnant teen might want to breast feed. In the second part, new moms are shown in detail how to breast feed.

There is also an Injoy video just for fathers to understand the importance of breast feeding: "Basketball and Breast Feeding." It's a humorous and informative video that teen dads would probably enjoy.

See also The Ultimate Guide to Breast Feeding, a step-by-step guide for teaching teen moms. Learn the nuts and bolts of pumping breast milk for your baby. Read 200 Reasons to Breast Feed, Stories and Adventures in Breast Feeding, and more.

I can't breast feed!

You don't have time. You have to go back to school or work. Consider breast feeding when you are at home, and pumping milk to be fed in a bottle when you are not home. Just remember that being held in the arms of a loving teen mom is the very best experience you can give your child.

If you must rely on baby formula, read all about Infant Formula and an Infant Formula Fortification Protocol by Dr. Mercola.

And life becomes normal again

After you have established a routine for caring for your baby and going after your other duties (at school or work), you'll see that life becomes normal. The fear of the new subsides, and everyday routine sets in. People around you have come accustomed and accept the fact to see 'teen mom with kid'. And peace of mind and heart come back.

Of course, it does not mean that life gets easier. Just take life one day at a time - one duty at a time. There will be not much time for friends and parties. When others go out, you will hurry home to your kid. Your thoughts won't be any longer on how to impress the guys. You will find yourself in midst of baby clothes to iron, running to the store, and nursing the baby, changing diapers and walking the baby.

Do all that you do - one step at a time - and you will notice, you've stumbled on the secret of happiness. The secret of happiness is living in the present moment, in the reality of the here and now. Not wishing for something or remembering the past - but living NOW!

Remember, you too are here to learn how to become love. Earlier than your friends, you have the opportunity to practice love. Be grateful for this opportunity. Soon your baby will give you the first smile back. Then the child learns to call you Mama. Your heart will flow over with love. You'll then know that all your troubles have not been in vain. Love does come back thousand fold to those who give it.

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